full metal alchemist
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Full metal Alchemist

The main character are Alphonse Elric, Edward Elirc and Roy Mustang. They are alchemist that serve their county by working as its goverment.

Edward Eric is the shortest and youngest alchemist to be able to become a alchemist. He hate to be called short by anyone.

Each alchemist is name by how they use their alchemy.

Edward Eric is called the full metal alchemist, because his right arm is made of all auto mail.

Roy Mustang is called the Flame alchemist, because he use his alchemy to burn his enemys to ash.

Roy is the care taker of Edward Eric when he is in the same city as Edward.

Some secondary character are Ling Yao, Scar and Izmui Curtis.

Ling Yao is a prince form a different country that is seaching for immortalty, but he learn the sad truth about how to get immortlty.

Scar is taking revange on all alchemist that was in the Ishval Civil War

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