Welcome to the Nurses' Corner

  •  All prescription and OTC medications require new permission forms each school year.  They are available on the website or in the Health Office.
  • Regarding Tylenol/Ibuprofen in school: A written school consent, completed by the parent/guardian and the doctor, must be on file for these medications to be given in school. Verbal consent will no longer be accepted. This change has been in effect since October 1st, 2013. Forms are available in the health office as well as on this site.*** These are the same forms used for prescribed medications. Remember if students need to carry their inhalers or epi-pens, the back (second page) must also be completed. 
  • NYS requests annual updates from the student's primary care provider listing any food allergies for use by the cafeteria personnel.
  • Applications for Free/Reduced Lunches must be completed and submitted by Sept. 30.  If your student received this provision last year, you must still submit and new application.  
  • Please present written documentation of any new physical exams or immunizations to your building Health Office. 
  • The elementary, middle and high school  are  always looking for gently used clothes for students.  Gym shorts, and unisex pants are especially appreciated.  No shoes, thank you. 
  • The CDC has recommended the following:When returning from an illness, a good rule of thumb is to be temperature and/or vomiting free for 24 hours without use of medication. 
Please check this site frequently!
If you have any questions, please email the HS Nurse
                                                                      MS Nurse
                                                                      ES Nurse

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