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No loss for words at Spelling Bee

Southwestern Middle School was all abuzz at its annual Spelling Bee on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017 in the high school auditorium. All three grade levels competed to become the champion and the news appeared in The Post-Journal.


The district will continue this long-standing annual tradition designed to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary and develop correct English usage that will help them throughout their lifetimes.


Thirty-two students participated in the Spelling Bee under the direction of Miss Diane LaGrega, chairperson and organizer of the event. Tim Becker was kept on his toes this year as he pronounced the list of spelling words. Thank you to Mrs. Amy Pearson, Mrs. Martha Johnson and Mr. Shane Kellogg, who were the judges and the technician Mr. Darin Beckerink.


Jaden Kinnear, son of Melissa Thompson of Lakewood and Shaibu Alfa of Jamestown, was the champion of the annual competition. Jaden is an eighth-grader and he will receive a Webster Collegiate Dictionary, as well as a gift card from Off the Beaten Path, a local bookstore.


Sophia Tallon was the eighth-grade level winner, Evan Bishop was the seventh-grade level winner and Dustin Hendrix was the sixth-grade level winner. All of these students did an exceptional job and will receive gift cards from Off the Beaten Path as grade-level winners.


2017 MS spelling bee winners

The 2017 Southwestern Middle School Spelling Bee champs.