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    MATH: We survived the state test and are working on Module 6 Statistics. Kids will learn: mean, median, mode, range, the MAD and IQR. 
    Please note: Your child may have experienced a BIG dip in their math GPA for the first 5 weeks of the 4th quarter. Have no fear- they will have plenty of opportunities to bring that grade back up. This is the only quater where I include cummulative State Standard based questions in my grading and on multiple assignments as a measure of what the state is ACTUALLY expecting of these kids. I want you to know I have witnessed real growth in your children, and they are making great gains! The state will assess multiple standards and content applications in their questioning and I prefer to do these skills in isolation and with multiple opportunities to practice (which I hope aids in retention and understanding). For this reason you may have seen a difference grades for quarters 1, 2, and 3. 
    SCIENCE: Our current unit is Weather. This is an abstract concept and requires good reading and memory skills. We will be getting ready for a fun field trip soon. Stay tuned!
    Remember after school help sessions are available every Tuesday-Thursday. Be leaders of your own learning. AND remember: "Learning is NOT a spectator sport!"

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