Here at Southwestern Elementary School, we provide a safe and inviting environment for all students. PE skills are taught for all learning abilities. During the school year, our Physical Education program offers many different activities including fitness awareness, pool skills, personal safety, nutrition and exercise based lessons. We also emphasize character development - proper manners, being a good friend and partner, good sportsmanship, and respecting the skills and attributes of all students, faculty, and staff.
    ACTIVITIES - Our goal is for our students to be physically active while at the same time learning the skills needed to successfully participate in all of our activities. Here are some of the activities for April and May:
    Tag games emphasizing active movement
    Animal Ball (skills of basketball and team handball)
    Various throwing, kicking, and striking activities
    Fitness activities
    Large group games
    Relay Races
    Bucket stacking
    Activity Stations
    Cup stacking
    Swimming for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade
    SANDLES - Please make sure your child has sneakers for gym class. Students wearing sandles will not be allowed to participate in PE class. This is a safety issue. Make sure your child has sneakers either in their school locker or in their backpack.  THANK YOU!
    HEALTH CHALLENGE - Formerly Jump Rope for Heart, our students gather donations from family members and friends that go towards helping the American Heart Association in their battle against heart disease. Students win prizes by reaching specific levels of donations, either online or monetary. This program ends on April 15. Our goal this year is reaching $10,000 in donations for the AHA. Thank you for helping out for this worthy cause!
    You can always stop by and say "hi," gives us a call at 664-1881, or email us at:
    Mr. Moran:     tmoran@swcsk12.org
    Mr. Swan-Leuze:     sswan@swcsk12.org
    Mr. Arnold:     marnold@swcsk12.org