Code of Conduct on School Busses

    1. The bus driver is in charge of the bus.
    2. The bus driver’s instructions are to be obeyed by all riders at all times.
    3. Upon boarding the bus, riders are to go immediately to their seat and remain seated for the duration of the trip.
    4. Upon boarding the bus, the school day officially begins.
    5. The school bus is considered an extension of the classroom, and all rules and regulations enforced in school classrooms are in force for students while riding on school buses.
    6. Student’s actions which have the potential of distracting the driver, or otherwise affecting a safe and orderly environment on the bus, are strictly prohibited and will result in automatic consequences involving loss of riding privileges.
    7. Such actions as the following, but not limited to these behaviors, will result in automatic loss of riding privileges.

    a.      Smoking on the bus

    b.      Use of illegal drugs on the bus

    c.      Use of profanity

    d.      Deliberately causing damage to the vehicle

    e.      Deliberately tampering with the emergency exits

    f.       Throwing objects within, outside or at the bus that directly threatens the safety of students and /or driver

    g.     Being responsible for a physical altercation with other students

    h.      Threatening or harassing other students

    i.       Deliberately obstructing the driver’s vision

    j.       Refusing to be seated in their seats.