Take your DMV Learner's Permit test in the library!

  • Did you know you can take your New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Learner's Permit test in the library?  

    Stop by the library for a free study guide, printed DMV forms and to set up a time to take your test with Mrs. Wright.  It's free to do this at school and it will save your parents some time!

    We have already had students take the test and pass this school year! 

    Taking your test at school won't allow you to drive out of the parking lot, but it will give you a piece of paper that you can take to the DMV that says you passed.

    When you walk into the DMV, you just hand them some forms, the paper that says you passed and some money.  They will take your papers, take your picture and you should be all set! It's a relief to know that you passed the test before you even go through the door!