• 6th Grade Supply List

    **Updated August 8th to include special area classes


    General Supplies:       _____1.  Lined paper (one package is enough)

                                        _____2.  Red pens for correcting

                                        _____3.  Colored pencils…NO SHARPIES or other markers.

                                        _____4.  Pencils and extra erasers 

                                        _____5.  Scissors

                                        _____6.  Glue Sticks (2).  You will probably need to buy more later in the year

                                        _____7.  Two boxes of tissues for the classroom

                                        _____8.  Highlighters

                                        _____9.  A pencil pouch or box to carry, and one for extra supplies in the locker

                                        _____10.  Headphones/Earbuds (inexpensive) in a labeled Ziploc bag

                                        _____11.  One package of 10 tab dividers

                                        _____12.  Two one-subject spiral notebooks with holes

                                        _____13.  One package of Post-It “flags” or “page markers”

                                        _____14.  Two  1 ½ “ three ring binders

                                        _____15.  Students will need a calculator while in the middle school.  We recommend the following: Texas Instruments model TI-30X IIS.  This model is                                                      available on Amazon or at WalMart for around $13.00.


    In addition to the above supplies, the students will need the following for their special area classes:


    Computer class:          _____ Pocket folder


    Music class:                _____ 1/2 inch 3-ring binder


    Health class:               _____ 1 subject spiral notebook

                                      _____ Pocket folder 


    Students will not be able to share materials, so it is important that they are fully prepared.  Please let us know if you cannot get these materials.