• October Students of the Month:
    Kindergarten - Scarlett Casel and William Evans IV
    First Grade - Nydalia Reyes and Gianni Scholeno
    Second Grade - Aiden Le and Lylian Green
    Third Grade - Amaya Jimenez and Joy Messina
    Fourth Grade - Melody Yocum and Tyler Bradford
    Fifth Grade - Charley Marshall and Parker Sauder


    November Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten - Baylanni Haight and Adalynn Pickett

    First Grade - Riley Landy and Max McKernan
    Second Grade - Brennan Samuelson and Maggie Coffee-Daniels
    Third Grade - Billy Piazza and Caroline Case
    Fourth Grade - Rosey Segrue and Ethan Smrekar
    Fifth Grade -Alyssa McNinch and Ellie Rounds


    December Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten - Emma Kane and Hanna Clark
    First Grade - Ayiana Kilbury and Avery Emerling
    Second Grade - Collin Fain and Loralei Link
    Third Grade - Kolton Bouckhuyt and Andrew Dollard
    Fourth Grade - Andrew Cama and Wyatt Abbey
    Fifth Grade - Ryan Emley and Sarah Sigler


    January Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten - Emily Tyler and Grant Morales

    First Grade - Delanee Stewart and Kole Lamb

    Second Grade - Maslen Brown and Ethan Arrance

    Third Grade - Gabriella Damon and Melani Witherspoon

    Fourth Grade - Serenity Licciardi and Joey Anthony

    Fifth Grade - Ida Malmstrom-Jouannet and Eli Surrena


    February Students of the Month: 

    Kindergarten-Raymond Ingerson and Declan Winchester 

    1st Grade-Presley Durnell and Theo Melville

    2nd Grade-Damien Burkholder and Maddison Carlson 

    3rd Grade-Eden Heintzman and Max Imus 

    4th Grade-Kamryn Papaserge and Kurt Johnson 

    5th Grade-Kelly Dollard and Evan Lescynski 


    March Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten: Hudson Brandi and Austin Calabrese

    1st Grade - Eloise Lodestro and Gabriel Donnell

    2nd Grade - Kenzie Miley and Charlie Webb

    3rd Grade - Josie Buttafarro and Liam Klice

    4th Grade - Karma Heglund and Owen Clark

    5th Grade - Gia Patti and Easton Rapp 


    April Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten: Aubrey Johnson and Jayla Jackson

    1st Grade: Scarlett DuBois and Elliott Clark

    2nd Grade: Evan Mank and John Dieter

    3rd Grade: Allison Ochocki and Natalie Brown

    4th Grade: Tripp Swartz and Owen Mank

    5th Grade: Reagan Hamilton and Mia Raynor


    May Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten: Martha MacDonald and Jemma Dean

    1st Grade: Adrianna Stegman and Dominick Burkholder

    2nd Grade: Liam Sherman and Mila Peterson

    3rd Grade: Alexandria Cavness and Ryleigh Sanderson

    4th Grade: Autumn Swan and Jack Webb

    5th Grade: Francesca Guarnieri and Gus Brown


    June Students of the Month:

    Kindergarten-Avery McKotch and Norah Best

    1st Grade-Jenna Smith and Brantley Szablewski

    2nd Grade-Mason Winchester and Logan Ellis

    3rd Grade-Audryanna Chapman and Carolina Pinedo Galindo

    4th Grade-Halie Klice and Zaira Gustafson

    5th Grade-Freddy Lamb and Johnna Farrell