• French 5 curriculum

    Curriculum  Français 5

    August 23, 2011



    Instructor: Mrs Autumn Bower-Mazzone

                            Room 217 Southwestern Central High School


    Purpose:  For French level 5, students further explore world using their second language skills gained from their years of studying French.  Students in the class express themselves using complex language structures and vocabulary. During the course, students will think about sentence structure both in French and in English to strengthen their meta-cognitive abilities: they think about the thought processes involved in arriving at a response.  Students in the class will be required to think, compare and contrast their way of life, their likes and dislikes, with other cultures. Students will use higher-level thinking skills to contemplate cultural and social issue while using a second language. 




    • Students will meet or exceed the requirements put forth in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for Novice-high to intermediate-Low levels of communication (American council on teaching foreign language) in a language other than English.
    • Students communicate using an ever increasing vocabulary and phrases
    • Students hear and are encouraged in the correct pronunciation of vocabulary and phrases


    • Gain knowledge and understanding of French speaking cultures through their products and perspectives of that culture.


    • Students make connections and enhance their learning of other disciplines through their study of the French language. 
    • Students consider other points of view as they study concepts in context. 




    • Compare their first language (English) and cultural with that of French speaking cultures


    • Students use what they learn in French class outside of the classroom.
    • Students actively search for examples of the influence of French language and the francophone cultures in their own community as well as others they may visit.



    Course structure:


    French 5 is divided into 5 leçons.  For each leçon, there are quizzes on the vocabulary and grammar concepts covered as well as a test.  Tests are comprised of the four domains present in the learning of a language: speaking, reading, writing and listening.  Each unit is accompanied by a project intended to foster the students’ higher level cognitive abilities and students are expected to do independent research on a variety of topics.  Within the leçons, students are first introduced to the vocabulary in context including video clips of francophone short films highlighting different aspects of French and/or francophone cultures.  After the test, students will discuss their completed projects with their classmates. 




    September-October:  Unit 1

    November- December: Unit 2

    January-February: Unit 3

    February-March: Unit 4

    March- May: Unit 5


    TEXT:  Imaginez le français sans frontières

                Vista Higher Learning 

                 Cherie Mitschke,   Southwestern University            




    Required materials: *French-English dictionary for home use

                                        *3-ring binder




    French levels 1, 2, 3, &4.  Students must complete the JCC accu-placer exam to be considered for college credit.









    Is the generation gap inevitable or can it be bridged by bonds of affection?

    A traditional Algerian wedding celebration


    Demonstrative pronouns

    Irregular-re verbs

    Musique de Natacha Atlas


    Père mere 

    de Lamine Sine Diop



    How has technology affected our lives and is it everything it was intended to be?

    The scientific research of Switzerland


    Comparative and superlative

    Futur simple


    Comment j’ai marché

    de Samuel Jadok


    Musique d’Indochine


    Solitude numérique

    de Didier Daeninckx


    What is the importance of pastimes in our daily lives?

    Extreme sports of the Ile of Reunion


    Geographical names and prepositions


    Le ballon prisonnier

    de Cyril Gelblat


    Musique de Junior Falcone


    Le football (extraite)

    de Sempré et Goscinny


    Do you want a career or a job?

    The female entrepreneurs of Africa

    Relative pronouns

    Present participle

    Irregular -oir verbs

    Bonbon au poivre

    de Marc Fitoussi


    Music from Central Africa and Louisianna


    Profession libérale

    de Marie Le Drian


    What is our role in preserving our planet?

    Island treasures of the Pacific

    Si clauses

    Future perfect

    Past conditional

    L’homme qui plantait des arbres

    De Frédéric back


    French Indochine


    Rapper MC Solaar



    de Jean-Baptiste tati-Loutard