• Classroom Reminders
    Monthly-At the beginning of each month your child will receive a lunch calendar along with a  class calendar that will tell what special our class has each day.
    Birthdays-Your child may bring treats on their birthday. Keep in mind, however, that treats must be store bought. Please do not send party invitations to school if everyone in the class is not invited. Feelings are easily hurt.
    Medicine-If your child needs to take medicine at school, please deliver it directly to the nurse. She will administer the medicine to your child.
    Absences-If your child is absent for two or more days, please contact the school to let me know how I can get their work to them. When your child returns from an absence, remember to send a note explaining the absence.
    Lunch-Lunch money, milk money, and ice cream money are the responsibility of your child. Please send money to school in your child's daily folder with their name on it.
    Sharing day-Your child will have their own sharing day on a rotating basis. There will be a calendar sent home to remind them. On that day they can bring a special item to share with the class.