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    Bullying, harassment, or intimidation are serious actions and will not be tolerated within the Southwestern Central School District. Use this form to anonymously report alleged bullying, harassment, or intimidation that occurred on school property, at a school-sponsored activity or event off school property, on a school bus, or on the way to and/or from school.
    Please click on the link below report to report Bullying,
    Harrassment or Intimidation:
    If the incident you are reporting is life-threatening or putting student and/or school safety at risk, please treat as an emergency and dial 911 
     All students are subject to the rules listed in the student handbook.   Students involved in incidents of bullying will face disciplinary action, including the possibility of long term suspension or expulsion.

    Confidentiality Statement: The information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence. The School District is bound by law to share with law enforcement officials any information that indicates that you or another person have committed or are about to commit an act which may be harmful to yourself or others.

    False reporting of an incident is against State Law. Section 240.50 of the New York Penal Law states: A person is guilty of falsely reporting an incident when, knowing the information reported, conveyed or circulated to be false and baseless, he/she initiates a false report or warning of an alleged occurrence of a crime, catastrophe or emergency under circumstances in which it is not unlikely that public alarm or inconvenirence will result. This is a Class A Misdemeanor.


    Bullying Awareness

    Physical Bullying
    • Physical Assaults, such as hitting, pushing, choking, hazing, tripping
    • Taking items such as money, food or homework
    • Damaging belongings such as clothing, school supplies, and school projects
    Verbal Bullying
    • Threats
    • Teasing and taunting
    • Ciritcizing and ridiculing
    • Name calling or sarcasm
    • Starting and spreading rumors
    • Telling lies
    • using sexual innuendoes / comments
    Non-Verbal Bullying
    • Ignoring or excluding on purpose
    • Mean or inappropriate looks, stares, or glares
    Cyber Bullying
    • Making threats to others on the Internet and in chat rooms
    • Sending cruel or inappropriate email or instant messages
    • Taking inappropriate photos with cell phone cameras
    • Posting inappropriate material on web sites meant to damage reputations

    How to Report Bullying

    Talk with the following:
    • Your parents or a family member
    • An adult you trust
    • Teacher
    • School Administrator
    • School Counselor
    • School Psychologist
    • School Nurse
    • Coach
    • Police
    • Submit a bullying report form

    Additional Support Resources


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