• Southwestern Central School Technology Department
    Technology Vision Statement:  The Southwestern Central School District is committed to promoting integration/utilization of technology district-wide by overseeing the integration and use of technology in all areas including, the business office, transportation, buildings and grounds, and the classrooms.
    Southwestern Central School realizes that in order to better prepare our students for the future, the integration of technology is essential to support the development, implementation, and delivery of curriculum at all levels (K-12) of the educational program.  Technology means more than computers and software; it is a process that allows students and staff to be able to find, extract, and apply needed information in an organized manner.
    Goals for Technology Use
    The Southwestern Central School District Mission Statement, Educational Goals, and Graduate Outcomes, as approved by the Board of Education, were used as the basis for the development of the above vision statement, the overall technology plan, and the goals that follow. Additionally, the goals contained within this technology plan address objectives developed by the Board of Education, who established district goals for the purposes of strategic planning.  Our broad district technology goals include:
    • To integrate technology into teaching/learning in order to meet school improvement goals which align to state standards
    • To use technology to support district mission statement
    • To provide quality, ongoing staff development in the area of technology
    • To strive to keep technology current

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