Welcome to the
    Counseling Corner
    Southwestern Elementary School strives to achieve a
    counseling program which is both comprehensive and
    developmental, addressing the needs of all of it's students.
    The elementary school years set the tone for developing
    attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for children to
    become confident, competent, and healthy learners.
    School Counselors help children achieve academic success
    through early identification and intervention.  Educational
    and preventative services such as classroom, group and
    iindividual counseling are available to all Southwestern
    Elementary Students.
    Thank you for visiting the counseling web page and I hope
    you find the additional links on the left helpful and informative.
    If you would like more information about counseling services
    available or please contact me.
    Lisa Kyler, LMHC
    School Counselor
    Phone (716) 664-1881 
                         Email: lkyler@swcsk12.org