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Madame Bower-Mazzone

Bonjour !  Bienvenue à ma page web !  My ‘official’ surname name is Bower-Mazzone but most of the students call me Madame or Madame Mazzone.  I am the French teacher for Southwestern schools. 

In French class, we learn about francophone cultures while focusing on ‘concepts in context’.  We LISTEN to French music, WATCH French videos, READ French texts, and SPEAK in FRENCH while answering essential question.    Students are introduced to I Can … statements that help them focus on how they can have ownership over their own language learning.  The ACTFL Levels of Language Acquisition, on which the ‘I Can statements’ are based, allow students to build their language skills at their own pace.   Goals are set for the students to reach by the end of the unit, but students can use the levels to go further.    My goal is that the students learn how to use this technique in their other school subjects: start with the basics and build!