• Transportation

    School Bus Southwestern Central School District buses travel over 280,000 miles every year. We transport approximately 1,100 students every day. Our commitment to safety is second to none. Our buses are inspected by a DOT inspector biannually. Our transportation staff is a highly trained group of professionals that includes 16 regular route drivers, 3 school bus monitors, 2 mechanics, and a Transportation Supervisor. We encourage you to use our school bus transportation as it is the safest transportation for your children. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “STUDENTS ARE ABOUT 7 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET TO SCHOOL SAFELY WHEN TAKING A SCHOOL BUS INSTEAD OF TRAVELING BY CAR.”

    Contact InformationJohn Spacht
    Southwestern Central School District Transportation Department (Bus Garage)
    191 Bentley Ave.Lakewood, New York 14750
    Phone(716) 763-8391
    Transportation Supervisor:    John C. Spacht
    Head Bus Driver:                                 Tammy Peterson
    Head Bus Driver:                                 Roger Bingham Jr.
    Head Mechanic:                                  Philip Peck
    Mechanic:                                            Dan Johnson