September News
    I am very excited for the new year. Are you? At this point you may be feeling a lot of things: nervous, bummed, anxious and maybe even happy (I hope) to begin a new year. Your start to middle school definitely be a little different but I am here to help you navigate all of it and together we will be just fine. Remember I am here to help!
    We will start out the first few days/weeks getting used to Office 365, classroom rules and expectations and then settling into science.
    Our Earth Science units will teach you lots of interesting topics such as: atmosphere, weather, plate tectonics, rocks & minerals and much, much more.
    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need addtional help at:

Times in Room 324

  • Science Videos For Fun


Ocean Zones Song

Space Station Tour

Rock Odessey

Bill Nye Meteors and Comets

Rock & Minerals