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    The mission of the Southwestern Helpdesk is to provide excellent technical assistance while instilling principles of proper technology use and preserving online integrity throughout faculty and students at Southwestern School District. The Helpdesk is a youth-led, faculty-advised organization based out of the High School Library. Initially, the Helpdesk managed the makerspace, but we now plan to branch into empowering a new digital platform with remote, online assistance. While creating an efficient student assistance network, where students are helping other studentsAdditionally, members of the helpdesk are gaining valuable experience in public serviceleadership, and technical expertise. 

Tech. Updates

  • UPDATE: Care for our Technology

    Posted by Help Desk SW on 3/25/2021 1:00:00 PM

    SWMS & SWHS students & families -  we need your help. Recently, the tech department has handled a lot of broken laptops - too many students are mistreating their laptops (swining the bags around, throwing the stylus around the room), or coming to school with their device not charged or without their school laptop bage to help protect it. Attached is a flyer with some best practices for laptop care. Please review these and remind your children that every student and parent signed a policy that they will care for their device, and may be charged for intentioal damage. Thanks, SWCS Tech Dept 

    Flyer: https://d399t9aybl32nm.cloudfront.net/5d842e81-9f46-49a4-9176-e5b5490103bd/Laptop%20Care.docx?Expires=1617321600&Signature=LSkPkMfTpKf65PHvB2ep7tqzJui6jeKtqcbr~7HrVXZvhzrzK--dlNrol5DRRvSN0riqvwLp-mY~6GxOaxqUJBMawOXvzZktTcnbghCHNnnyuVtdaOg5U33CS2DeC-Ge3Hy9nWhv74nIPuklHEp0dt5ZsMQxBYaVvXk-M2dZwQUZKg3iJzb2qSM66cBlP-mxd-ieiqvbciiu~AkHa0DfEppJTfz~JJp6Fsoph-wS-3jKstzuiAmOrdklw1AjVr4SxuR-6dOdBN15s6upew7CRriNL1~~pOaIi1Tu5bQb1JW2wA~NLt9EDbA0SssN6zqBjW5ihCzTSmnBR3YoqSUkRg__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIYBEA2OWI77AFPYQ

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  • UPDATE: Stylus

    Posted by Help Desk SW on 3/4/2021

    Good morning! You are have a laptop with a recharger port for your stylus, please make an effort not to twist the stylus casing. We understand that this can naturally happen over a long time of use, and that this can sometimes be stress reavling; however, we ask you to just be cafefull and respect your pen. We've issued several pens this season, and your effort can help us cut back on cost. Thank you!

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  • UPDATE: Restarting

    Posted by Help Desk SW on 3/3/2021

    If you are a virtual student, please remember to parked at the school every 2-4 months to restart your computer. Being on at home does not get you on the school network, and there are some very important updates coming through. For all of our conviences, please restart every 2-4 months. Thank you!

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