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    Curriculum and Instruction
    The Southwestern Central School District is committed to providing curriculum in all content areas that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and ensuring that the instruction provided to our students is rigorous and reflects best practices. Consequently, our District continually engages in the school improvement process which requires a constant analysis of data to determine how we are doing and where adjustments need to be made to curriculum and/or to instructional practices. Identified needs are then addressed through quality, ongoing staff development efforts. We constantly challenge our staff to grow as professionals and remain current in the field of education. All of these efforts are for one purpose: student achievement.
    Questions regarding curriculum and instruction should be directed to Molly Moore, Director of Instructional Services. Please contact Molly Moore at (716)484-1136 or via Southwestern Email @swcsK12.org by using the following prefix: mmoore
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