• Welcome to Southwestern 6-8 Overview
    Music classes at the middle school level provide students with a structured
    systematic framework, allowing students to develop abstract  interpretation skills in other core subject areas such as math, science and creative writing. All activities follow the NYS and National Standards for the Arts Education and State and National Standards for Technology in Arts Education as well as Common Core in Technical Areas.
    The SW General Music room is outfitted with a state of the art music technology lab. It consists of 30 iMac computers and professional mixer and
     surround sound stereo. Students learn how to compose original scores using traditional forms of theory as well as applying Music technology into composing using software called Musescore. Students can save their works as an audio track in Apple iTunes and burn them to a CD to take as a portfolio at the end of each quarter. We also use a program call Music Ace Maestro as a tool to practice music theory.  Music History is also incorporated into all three middle level classes to help students relate music in the past to what they are exposed to now. Students in Grade 6 explore the Romantic Era in music and the relationship between art and music known as Symphonic Poems. At the 7th Grade level, students explore music and technology at the beginning of the 20th century. In 8th Grade, students learn how to edit sound samples, explore
    the work of sound in film and as a final project score music for a 2 minute movie clip using garageband. 
    Research has demonstrated that some measures of intelligence directly relate
    to continued music instruction when students become active participants in music training. It has been shown to enhance abstract reasoning skills which are necessary for learning math and science. Technology also enhances creativity enabling students to explore and experience music from a new perspective. Music combined with technology is an art in itself. It can be a “paint brush” used to create a work of art and engage students in learning and experiencing at any level, in order to make them
    competitive in the twenty-first century.