Fawn Fisher

    Middle School Psychologist
    Hello! I am the school psychologist for grades 5 through 8. I thought I would share alittle bit about myself. I received my BA, M.Ed., and School Psychology certification from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. My training and experiences enable me to work directly with students, parents, and teachers on such issues as mental health, learning and adjustment, and interventions geared toward emotional, behavioral, social, and academic needs. My education includes child development, psychology, assessment and research, instruction and curriculum, and special education.  My role as a school psychologist includes:

    v      Consultation with teachers and parents about learning, social development, and behavior management.

    v      Assessment of intelligence, academics, social-emotional, behavior, and self-help functioning.

    v      Academic, behavior, and counseling interventions.

    v      Education to students, teachers, and parents on classroom and learning strategies, disabilities, and new knowledge.

    v      Act as a liaison between community services, parents, and school.  

    Please contact me with questions,
    Middle School PH: (716) 664 - 6270 ext. 2041
    Elementary School PH: (716) 664 - 1881 ext. 3283 
    Pupil Services PH: (716) 664 - 4675 Option #4  
    Southwestern email (@swcsK12.org)
    and use prefix: ffisher