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NYS School Funding Transparency

Education Law §3614 School Funding Allocation Report Part F - Data Justification

Education Law §3614 School Funding Allocation Report Part F - Narrative Description

1. (A) Describe the local methodology/approach used to allocate funds to each school in the district during the process of budget development and implementation. (B) Please also describe the role(s) of all relevant stakeholders in such budgetary processes and decision-making. (C) Finally, if schools are allocated a significant portion of their funds—either in part or in full—through a formula, outline the nature/mechanics of the formula and the elements impacting each school’s allocation.

Specifically, the Division of Budget and the State Education Department would consider a complete response to this question to include explicit answers to the questions included in the rubric below, including a substantive discussion on the translation of students needs into the district's budget (at least 1 sentence per question, when applicable).

Budget Development Process-The Board of Education, Superintendent, and Business Administrator collaborate and lead the budget process. The needs of the students are translated into the budget through extensive notes on services and purchases within the budget process as well as communicated with administration and the Board of Education through public presentations and detailed discussions. The budget process actually begins at the end of October when the initial calendar and planning is scheduled and approved by the Board of Education and lasts through the adoption of the budget in late March or early April. Once the Board has adopted the budget, it is presented to the voters one week prior to a budget election in May.

Collaboration with Stakeholders-the administration team is involved in the budget development process. Meetings are held bi-weekly directly with staff and budget is a topic discussed during this meeting throughout the budget season. Administrators work with team leaders in each of the buildings as well as the Director of Instruction to assess the needs of the individual students in their buildings. School board meetings are held twice monthly and a portion of the budget is presented and discussed throughout the budget season to provide information to the Board as well as the community.

2. If applicable, is there anything unique about certain schools which explain why per pupil spending at these locations may be significantly higher/lower than the district average?
High school reflects a slightly higher than district average due to the fact that Southwestern offers an array of course offerings which require staff to be certified in those specific areas.

3. If applicable, describe any items which the district feels are anomalous in nature and require additional description.

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