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New dimensions to science lessons

With the advent of the high school library installing 3-dimensional printers into what is known as the “Maker’s Space,” some of the staff at Southwestern have decided to incorporate the printers into their respective classes’ curriculum. One of the first classes outside of the art department to do this was Mrs. Albano’s Advanced Placement Chemistry class of 2017-2018. With the exam for her class in the rearview-mirror, Mrs. Albano decided to try something new with her students. For the final project, she had each student find, or design, two objects using the 3-dimensional printer while demonstrating at least one subject taught in her class during the year. The objects her students produced ranged from simple displays of certain forces that act within molecules, to more complex models of elemental structures. With the successful and timely production of these models, Mrs. Albano plans to incorporate the 3-dimensional printers into the curriculum of next year.


AP Chemistry students 2018 pose in front of a whiteboard

Alexis Barron, Mrs. Kane, Eston Shedd, Brandon Sargent,
Ben Troche, Michael Przygodzki, Bryce Deering, Elisabeth
Meyer, Carissa Minarovich, Faizan Munir, Mrs. Albano.


Chemistry party and items made with 3D printer. More things made with 3D printer.

Some of the things made with the 3D printers.