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31 Join National Honor Society

November 2018 inductees of the Southwestern HS National Honor Society line up in the hallway outside the auditorium.

The newest inductees of the Holland W. Rood Chapter of the
National Honor Society at Southwestern Senior High School
were honored during a ceremony in November.


Thirty-one seniors and juniors were inducted into the National Honor Society during a ceremony held recently (Nov. 19, 2018) at the Southwestern Central School District.

As the ceremony got underway, the Holland W. Rood Chapter of this prestigious academics-based organization welcomed attendees, described the purpose of the NHS and introduced the candidates.

Senior inductees and their sponsors, in parentheses, are: Michael Cammarata (Mrs. Junie Eimiller), Cassidy Davies (Mr. David Turnbull), Timothy Harris (Ms. Jennifer Anderson), Abby Henry (Mr. Mark Kirsch), Callie Lindell (Ms. Cristin Hockenberry), Breah Orlando (Mr. Derek Houser), Brianna Parker (Mr. Mark Kirsch), Brandon Sargent (Mr. Adam Brown), Hannah Sholl (Ms. Jennifer Anderson), Chase Stevenson (Mr. Fran Sirianni), Hannah Sullivan (Mrs. Junie Eimiller), and Cameron Turner (Mrs. Jamie Sigler).

Junior inductees and their sponsors, in parentheses, are: Matt Barton (Mr. Timothy Becker), Jack Brinkley (Mr. Craig Acklin), Gianna Hoose (Mr. David Turnbull), Hanna Johnson (Mr. Daniel Thomas), Marcus Kautzman (Mr. Timothy Becker), Lotte Kranzo (Ms. Sue Huther), Isabelle Meyers (Mrs. Traci Cybart), Mitchell Pascarella (Mr. Aaron Emley), Chloe Peters (Mrs. Traci Cybart), Mackenzie Pierce (Ms. Cynde Johnson), Addison Pope (Ms. Sue Huther), Dawn Roller (Mrs. Bower-Mazzone), Eddie Scroxton (Mr. Jefferson Pagett), Hannah Swan-Leuze (Mr. Jay Sirianni), Quinn Taylor (Ms. Cristin Hockenberry), Kimberly Truver (Mrs. Michelle Cresanti), Mika Walters (Mr. Mark Arnold), Sydney Wendel (Mrs. Michelle Cresanti), and Grace Wood (Ms. Lauren Baker).

Following a candlelight presentation and the recitation of the inductee pledge, the students and their loved ones enjoyed refreshments with the sponsors and additional Southwestern staff. There are now 52 members of the NHS at Southwestern. Congratulations to all the students who were inducted.