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Marvelous Mardi Gras at SWES

Second-graders at Southwestern Elementary School enjoyed quite the treat on Tuesday, when local woman Maria Malmström visited March 5, 2019, to talk about Mardi Gras, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday. Students in Ms. Nelson’s classroom learned how  this day is celebrated in different countries and what special treats are enjoyed before a period of fasting. Ms. Malmström is from Sweden, so she brought supplies to have the students make Semla, a traditional Swedish dish made from a hollowed out pastry roll filled with an almond paste, bread crumbs, cream filling, then covered with freshly made whipped cream and topped with a small part of the roll with sprinkled confectioner's sugar. Ms. Malmström, who has children attending SWCS, also brought a New Orleans-style King Cake as an added treat. The second-graders enjoyed being part of the process of assembling their Semla treat and tasting the traditional sweets eaten at this special time of the year. Many, many thanks to Ms. Malmström, who also regularly speaks to students in preparation for the annual multicultural festival about both her native country of Sweden, and Italy where she lived for many years. Her husband is from France, and he also comes to speak about his native country. We appreciate their enthusiasm and interest in broadening the knowledge base of children about other cultures in such fun ways. Thank you to the Malmströms for their Trojan Pride!


Maria Malmström speaks to the second-graders.

Students show off their desserts on Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras.