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SWMS Names Top Students for October 2020

Southwestern Middle School has announced its top students for October 2020. Congratulations to sixth-grader CARTER CASSELMAN, seventh-grader TRISTAN LINDSTROM and eighth-grader JAXON DORLER on their accomplishment.


Carter Casselman Tristan Lindstrom Jaxon Dorler

Sixth-grader Carter Casselman, seventh-grader Tristan Lindstrom and eighth-grader Jaxon Dorler. 


Sixth-grader Carter Casselman’s favorite subjects are math, science and choir. He plays on Southwestern football and baseball teams.  Outside of school, Carter plays on Gladiators Baseball, YMCA Basketball and likes to run, swim and be outside. He is the son of Jamie and Casey Casselman of Jamestown.


Seventh-grader Tristan Lindstrom’s favorite subject is U.S. History. He belongs to the Southwestern Chess Club.  Outside of school, he likes to create and build with Legos. He is the son of Mark and Trisha Lindstrom of Lakewood.


Eighth-grader Jaxon Dorler’s favorite subjects are ELA and Social Studies. He is a member of the Southwestern Choir.  When Jaxon isn’t in school, he likes to study and play with his dog. He is the son of Andy & Jessica Dorler of Jamestown.