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SWMS Names Top Students for January 2021

Southwestern Middle School has announced its top students for January 2021. Congratulations to sixth-grader THOMAS CHASE, seventh-grader GAVIN ANDERSON and eighth-grader GELIA SAULLO on their accomplishment.


Thomas Chase  Gavin Anderson  Gelia Saullo

From left: Sixth-grader Thomas Chase, seventh-grader Gavin Anderson and eighth-grader Gelia Saullo.



Sixth-grader Thomas Chase’s favorite subjects are math and Social Studies.  He belongs to Southwestern Orchestra and plans to join Ski Club when it resumes next year. When he is not in school, he likes to listen to music, read and hang out with friends. He is the son of Jamestown residents Brian and Kimberly Chase. 

Seventh-grader Gavin Anderson’s favorite subject is science. He plays on Southwestern Baseball and Cross-Country teams. He also belongs to Southwestern Choir and Band. Outside of school, he likes to hit baseballs in the garage, run and he plays on Gladiator Baseball. He is the son of Lakewood residents Chris and Amy Anderson. 

Eighth-grader Gelia Saullo’s favorite subjects are Social Studies and science. She is a member of Southwestern Quiz Bowl, Junior Honor Society and Student Council.  Outside of school, she takes dance, hangs out with friends and likes to relax at home. She is the daughter of Jamestown resident Sarah Saullo and Lakewood resident James Saullo.