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SWMS Names Top Students for February 2021

Southwestern Middle School has announced its top students for February 2021. Congratulations to sixth-grader EMMA LEWIS, seventh-grader KAYLA PATRICK and eighth-grader MASON LA on their accomplishment.


Emma Lewis  Kayla Patrick Mason La

Sixth-grader Emma Lewis, seventh-grader Kayla Patrick and eighth-grader Mason La.


Sixth-grader Emma Lewis’ favorite subjects are art and STEM. She plays on Southwestern basketball and runs on Southwestern cross-country team. She also does morning announcements and belongs to Southwestern Student Council, band and choir. In her spare time, Emma belongs to Panama Baptist Youth Group and Bible Study. Outside of school, she likes to do gymnastics, go to church, play sports, run long distance road races, plays with her rabbit, and hang out with her friends. She is the daughter of Dan and Christi Lewis of Jamestown. 

Seventh-grader Kayla Patrick’s favorite subjects are science and math.  She will be playing on the Southwestern modified volleyball team in March and belongs to Maker Mondays Club and Trojan Horse Magazine.  Outside of school, Kayla is involved in the Reading Club at the local library and likes to run, read books, listen to music, camp, explore outside and spend time with family. She is the daughter of Heather Thauer and Timothy Then of Lakewood.

Eighth-grader Mason La’s favorite subjects are math and science.  Mason belongs to Southwestern Honor Society and is in advance classes. Outside of school, he likes to read, play games with his friends, and ride his bike. He is the son of  Tuygen Nguyen and Jimmy La of Lakewood.