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SSEF Grant Helps Teacher Guide Esports

Southwestern Schools Education Foundation recently presented Southwestern High School social studies teacher Nick Baglia, sponsor of the esports class at Southwestern Central School District, with a $1,000 check for his Teacher Innovation Grant.

Esports is a computer-based, inclusive alternative to traditional sports. Esports provides the same competitiveness as physical sports, only behind a screen. Just like soccer requires a goal and swimming requires a pool, esports requires equipment to compete. 

The $1,000 grant will allow Mr. Baglia to purchase the components for Southwestern students to build a computer. 

Advanced, gaming-specific computers are the tool of choice for most competitive esports teams. These machines are not just purchased complete, like a typical office computer. Each component is selected based on its specs then assembled by the person or team using it. This means the users must learn how the inner components of a computer work.


Scott Cooper, Nick Baglia, Tom Priester and Mary Keeney.

Caption: Southwestern High School Principal Scott Cooper, teacher Nick Baglia, Southwestern Schools Educational Foundation President Tom Priester and Treasurer Mary Keeney.